Pleasant May Morning to all!

I woke up and looked in the mirror but something’s changed. It’s May. And it feels like February to me.

Usually I’d have this attitude: New Month, New Day, New Hopes… New Aspirations!!!!
But Instead I’m feeling like: New Months; Same Shit!

day break...lovely day

day break...lovely day

Fortunately, I’ve not been feeling all shitty and I’m looking forward to what this month has in store.
I’m dying to adopt a new cat.

I love cats. LOVE! My first cat was a ginger colored female cat but I left her back home when I moved here to the states. She was like a baby to me and I missed her bundles.

Found out she had kittens 2 months after I migrated and that made me even more miserable. ginger cat. ginger cat.

Of course she reminded me so much of myself. Every characteristic she possessed was mirroring one of mine and I couldn’t feel more honored. Case in point, we were like two peas in a pod.
Well, I’ve seen a few cats here at the shelter and I really would love to take one home and make him/her my own. Personally, I would take home two, if I had the time to take care of them. But between work, spending time with my potential boyfriend and my mom and getting sufficient rest…I barely would have the extra time to accommodate a pair of cats.

That being said…I’m gonna go get ready for work NOW! UGH! I hate work!