Mind Box! Thursday, Jul 19 2012 

Mind Box!


Hidden Sexual Fantasies of Tiger Women… Monday, Jul 27 2009 

I read this today about my fantasies. I’m stunned because they are soooo on point.
This by the way is from my Chinese Horoscope.

You try to hide it for fear of passing for an unyielding amazon, but the fact is that strength fascinates you. Of course, you put on civilized airs, you can even show yourself very much refined and evolved, but deep down in you lies dormant an instinctive being, who likes power, fight, and even brutality. Your often excessive fantasms worry you. But you are wrong, for there’s absolutely nothing perverse or sadistic in you. Those images of violence which attract you and in which you sometimes delight secretly are simply for you the expression of life’s energy and force. They strictly have nothing morbid. If you secretly dream of tall, flaxen-haired conquerors blithely raping their lovely prisoners, or of muscular policemen on their huge motorcycles, you’ve nevertheless no taste for destruction.

You’ll never acknowledge it to your friends, especially during these times of triumphant feminism, but the man of your fantasms has everything of the prehistoric macho. He resembles the great Celtic warrior with his prominent muscles. He’s also a Viking war chieftain dancing on his drakkar before landing to sack a monastery, a barbarian springing up from the steppes on his black stallion, or an Attila devastating everything on his way. He’s, then, a strong man, who can also have the traits of a boxing champion, an Aikido master, a footfall star, or a fighterjet pilot. In brief, a man in all his virile splendor. A man who doesn’t care about romanticism – he seizes you abruptly, brutalizes you, and sometimes rapes you. But you know that all will end well – you will know how to arouse his passion, and soon, it’s for you that he will set off again to conquer the world!

I agree.

Nasty Girl>>>really? Saturday, Jul 25 2009 

Somedays ago we had “the talk”. Now, he’s trying. Am I satisfied? Do I need to be more of a teacher? See, I’m still asking questions. I’ll feel so much better if he just knew what I wanted. I like:
That’s what I like…now get it right fellah. Or else….

(Leaving for work)

Eating M&M’s…ironing & twittering… Thursday, Jul 23 2009 

So today I googled my name and came up 148 results!!! How about that? I exist. Now, I’m getting ready for work and I’m ironing my uniform. That’s good because I wasn’t born with all thumbs; I can actually do stuff…anyways, I’m late!!! BYEEEEEE!!!!

a used up Saturday… Saturday, May 16 2009 

Ugh! woke up late again. In the arms of my lover. This no new news. No new Saturday…I feel just the same as I have felt every other day. Well today I have so much planned. Mostly I would love to run a few errands I’ve been putting off for weeks.

My ex is flying back into town from Iraq today. Well, technically, from Germany. He’s finishing his tour in Iraq and is returning home because his younger brother was murdered last week.

I spent the day at the beach this morning. It was warm and very breezy. Turns out it began raining and I had to rush home. Fed the cats. Took a quick spin at the mall. Went to the bank, did some business. Stopped at the bakery, got fresh, hot bread and cake. Then I visited my boyfriend’s place, spent some quality time, with myself…because he rushed off as soon as I arrived. No idea where he went. Yet.

I’m gonna go to bed now. I have to work security detail from 10p.m. to 6a.m. tonight. I refuse to be the victim of Redbull yet again.

Ciao. Until later….when I’m super bored again.

six in the morning… Saturday, May 2 2009 

Pleasant May Morning to all!

I woke up and looked in the mirror but something’s changed. It’s May. And it feels like February to me.

Usually I’d have this attitude: New Month, New Day, New Hopes… New Aspirations!!!!
But Instead I’m feeling like: New Months; Same Shit!

day break...lovely day

day break...lovely day

Fortunately, I’ve not been feeling all shitty and I’m looking forward to what this month has in store.
I’m dying to adopt a new cat.

I love cats. LOVE! My first cat was a ginger colored female cat but I left her back home when I moved here to the states. She was like a baby to me and I missed her bundles.

Found out she had kittens 2 months after I migrated and that made me even more miserable.

Sandals...my ginger cat.

Sandals...my ginger cat.

Of course she reminded me so much of myself. Every characteristic she possessed was mirroring one of mine and I couldn’t feel more honored. Case in point, we were like two peas in a pod.
Well, I’ve seen a few cats here at the shelter and I really would love to take one home and make him/her my own. Personally, I would take home two, if I had the time to take care of them. But between work, spending time with my potential boyfriend and my mom and getting sufficient rest…I barely would have the extra time to accommodate a pair of cats.

That being said…I’m gonna go get ready for work NOW! UGH! I hate work!

“so incomprehensible” Tuesday, Apr 28 2009 

Waking up in the morning is the best thing in the world. If it didn’t happen you sure won’t be reading this right now. Especially when you have something other than your day at work to look forward too. Today, I woke up to a pleasant day but my mood wasn’t as pleasant so I decided to go hand out at the beach just a little just to figure things out in my mind and put things in perspective.

...taking large doses of silence....

...taking large doses of silence....

I miss my essential person.
The one guy I seriously believe I can’t breathe without. One hour away from him yesterday and I started spiraling into a “I need to go shopping” frenzy….almost as if I were a shopaholic I dashed to the clothing store and I couldn’t believe I ended up at the end of that road knowing I had a vast array of other venues I could’ve explored. At the end of my day I had spent $650 on a few items I barely need and the guilt is getting harder and harder to live with as I go through my day today.
Well, what do you really do, when you just need to see the person who makes you smile from ear to ear all of the time you guys are together? But you just can’t….
***I just go to the beach and sit there until I can’t hear anything but the ocean against the shore. Until all my thoughts disappear and I become unaware of why I went there to begin with.

…unfamiliar…. Monday, Apr 27 2009 

It’s safe to assume from this point on I’d be in the throws of a migraine headache. You see, due to the chaotic-ness of my recent schedule, both at work & leisure. I believe in life, we should always take some time to enjoy being who we truly are(deep within. Being who we’re familiar with and not what we think should be. I say this to say….I NEED some kind of time to mingle with things or people that I’m not used to…for eg. hang out at a bar full of strangers in a village far off where I don’t know anyone….

Hello world! Monday, Apr 27 2009 

Hi ‘whoever’s reading this!’ This is my first blog EVER so I’m ver excited and I’m looking forward to having a long and interesting journey with WordPress & a vibrant audience.

Thanks for reading whatever I scribble on here.
Note to self: I’m probably going to need a “Blogging for Dummies” handbook.
Wish me luck!